GIS Server Hosting, Welcome to HostGIS

HostGIS is the established leader in providing fully managed servers for open source geospatial applications. We provide high speed GIS servers, world-class multiple Tier 1 network connections, and professional systems administration. Services include daily security monitoring and hardening, daily backups, and regular off-site backups of the backups we already include in our monthly lease options. We are also available to provide geographic information system programming and consulting on a full project or as-needed basis. We have developed GIS systems in a wide range of industries including transportation, social services, fishing and oceanographic data, harbor management, agriculture, forestry, engineering, oil and mineral exploration, real estate, water quality monitoring, and many others.

System Administration

* True horror story: A local theater troupe was paying $6 per month for their hosting, and one day the site was down. It took 2 days to get in touch with their tech support. A hard drive had crashed, and the backups had never been tested. The entire site was lost, including thousands of photos, hundreds of user accounts, and years of discussion threads.

* True horror story: One rent-a-box provider kept changing the customer's home directory, which of course broke all of their programs every time. They did this three times in three months, each time claiming that a hacker had made the change. Strangely, tech support never changed it back after "the hack" so the customer was down for 2 days each time.

No need to use up your precious time thinking about when and how to install updates or monitoring the system continuously for security risks. You may be jeopardizing critical business strategy. Our system administrators will monitor your systems and perform the day-to-day work necessary to minimize worry and resolve issues.

  • Daily networked backups to our dedicated backup server. Backups are taken daily, and randomized tests are made twice daily. We typically have two weeks retention time. We rotate backups offsite for extra safety.
  • All of the security features described on our security page
  • System administrators available at very low rates for your sysadmin needs. See the pricing page for competencies and rates.

The ultimate goal of server management is uptime, with security being a close second. We won't be able to list all our competencies here, but above are the few, most asked for. Please feel free to ask us any questions that you may have.

Hardware is cheap, but an expert system administration staff is priceless.