GIS Server Hosting, Welcome to HostGIS

HostGIS is the established leader in providing fully managed servers for open source geospatial applications. We provide high speed GIS servers, world-class multiple Tier 1 network connections, and professional systems administration. Services include daily security monitoring and hardening, daily backups, and regular off-site backups of the backups we already include in our monthly lease options. We are also available to provide geographic information system programming and consulting on a full project or as-needed basis. We have developed GIS systems in a wide range of industries including transportation, social services, fishing and oceanographic data, harbor management, agriculture, forestry, engineering, oil and mineral exploration, real estate, water quality monitoring, and many others.


A server for your mapping project is a smart business choice. For any size company, having a server allows for growth, and gives you control of your data. However, renting a server can often be confusing and difficult.

That's where we come in. Setting up and managing your project has never been easier; no matter what your company size or technical skill level.

We offer a solid hosting platform with everything you need for your project without the hassle of setting up hardware, software, or configuration tasks. We'll work with you each step of the way to provide cost-effective, efficient service.

HostGIS began providing full managed servers in 2004 because of an experience with a client.

The client's server was hacked, rootkits installed, and a website defaced. One of their programmers had written a backup script some years earlier, to zip their website files and transfer them to a FTP server, but the backup hadn't worked in a year. They called their ISP for help, to see what hacker-removal services they offered and whether their backups went any further then the failed solution they had on hand.

The provider's only recourse was to charge $150 to reimage the server, destroying everything on it, and the provider never kept backups of customers' servers.

We knew we could do better. Backups. Security countermeasures. Penetration scans. Firewalls. You know... actual technical support, other than charging you to finish what the hacker didn't!

Most of our expertise is in geospatial services because that seemed like a good niche during the GIS boom. But our servers can handle just about any sort of traffic: plain websites, CMS, Django, databases, you name it.

We are here to make your company a success:

  • Configure software, application servers, and web servers
  • Hardware purchase, configuration and maintenance
  • Internet connection bandwidths; as much uptime as possible, and as fast as possible
  • Backups, security and software updates
  • Development staff for application development and maintenance
  • Custom geospatial software stack
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • Expandability
  • Any service whenever you need it

The price of basic server hosting can cost less than maintaining the vending machine in the office, and can easily meet all business and municipal planning needs. Your project can be available instantly around the globe; and the best part is, you can trust that your data is safe, and you are in control.

If the next step in your business growth is to deploy GIS and other geospatial projects, this is the best place to host your data, get expert advice for your applications; and instantly deploy the technology of your choice.