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HostGIS is the established leader in providing fully managed servers for open source geospatial applications. We provide high speed GIS servers, world-class multiple Tier 1 network connections, and professional systems administration. Services include daily security monitoring and hardening, daily backups, and regular off-site backups of the backups we already include in our monthly lease options. We are also available to provide geographic information system programming and consulting on a full project or as-needed basis. We have developed GIS systems in a wide range of industries including transportation, social services, fishing and oceanographic data, harbor management, agriculture, forestry, engineering, oil and mineral exploration, real estate, water quality monitoring, and many others.

Server Pricing

* Sign up for one year and pay within 30 days, and your 12th month is free AND the setup fee is waived!

Consider the value of system administration, security and certified experts you can trust. Each HostGIS server is fully optimized and configured especially for your company's unique needs.

With HostGIS, you truly get what you pay for.

  Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Setup Fee $50 $50 $50 $50
Monthly $150 $200 $250 $300
RAM 512
Hard Disk 50
Security and Sysadmin
Automated off-server daily backups yes yes yes yes
Off-server firewall yes yes yes yes
Service availability monitoring yes yes yes yes
Vulnerability testing & patching yes yes yes yes
Tripwire integrity and file-alteration checking yes yes yes yes
OSSEC intrusion and anomaly monitoring yes yes yes yes
The Basics
Apache & PHP yes yes yes yes
Webmin Control Panel yes yes yes yes
MySQL yes yes yes yes
PostgreSQL yes yes yes yes
Python yes yes yes yes
Perl yes yes yes yes
Sendmail yes yes yes yes
Postfix yes yes yes yes
Geospatial & Mapping
Mapserver & Mapscript yes yes yes yes
PostGIS yes yes yes yes
GeoServer yes yes yes yes
GDAL/OGR yes yes yes yes

We invite you to take advantage of our live, US-based technical support team to make sure that the needs of your business are met 100%. Letting us manage your server gives you the time you need to focus on the day-to-day needs of running your business.

We believe that the software we use reflects on the quality of our company, which is why we have chosen only the best and most trustworthy names as HostGIS Linux, Fedora, and Ubuntu Server.

apache mysql postgresql php

We know that as your business grows so do your needs. We're glad to install additional software, or to provide any requested upgrades when your server is installed. We are proud to be a member of your team to ensure growth and success.

We can always provide custom servers, Just ask!