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HostGIS is the established leader in providing fully managed servers for open source geospatial applications. We provide high speed GIS servers, world-class multiple Tier 1 network connections, and professional systems administration. Services include daily security monitoring and hardening, daily backups, and regular off-site backups of the backups we already include in our monthly lease options. We are also available to provide geographic information system programming and consulting on a full project or as-needed basis. We have developed GIS systems in a wide range of industries including transportation, social services, fishing and oceanographic data, harbor management, agriculture, forestry, engineering, oil and mineral exploration, real estate, water quality monitoring, and many others.


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SimpleLayers enhances the efficiency of organizations that deal with assets on the ground by providing map dashboards that are:

  • Streamlined and intuitive, to cut out the software specialist so you can get your answers in minutes, not days
  • Cloud delivered, to make setup fast and keepcosts down
  • Available for multi-user collaboration
HostGIS designed the first two generations of SimpleLayers's software, and provides ongoing support for databases, the mapping engines, and custom reports and graphs.