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Hoopa Tribal Radio, KIDE 91.3 FM

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I am very pleased with HostGIS services. HostGIS provides us with all of our internet content to the public. KIDE-FM is an entity of the Hoopa Valley Tribe in Northern California.

The Hoopa Valley Tribe hosts its own website that contains webpages for all its entities. This site server is on a T-1 line the tribe owns. Over the years this site became overcrowded. The primary purpose of this site was to keep the entities connected with the tribe's fiscal office. We all keep our financial records and accounts within this connection. The tribe also provides the department personnel email accounts. It was the slow service of this option that spurred us to find another web server.

KIDE-FM was in need of its own domain separate from the Hoopa Valley Tribe because we needed more options than what the tribe's service could provide. HostGIS provided far better service and the ability to reach further in to the media network.

The HostGIS Calendar Suite is a powerful system that we and our visitors have grown to appreciate. The root of the system is the interactive Community Calendar of Events. Our community has for years wanted a community calendar to keep track of and to post upcoming events. The HostGIS Calendar Suite answers this need. It is the only such calendar for our community. It is used more and more by the departments and the public.

We found the HostGIS web designers very easy to work with. They explained the best practices to use this system to our inexperienced staff. The webmasters have taken the time to correct our uploading mistakes and to suggest ways we can avoid such mistakes in the future.

I have viewed other radio station sites to find no other Calendar suite that matches our options. I commend the HostGIS staff for providing KIDE this leading edge technology. We automatically receive by-weekly reports of our website traffic. This service we did not ask for, but we find it very valuable. I also believe the data is an accurate reading of our visitors without counting the many tags sites may receive by web-spiders.

We asked for special web options to be added such as an optional weekly listing of events that could be viewed by the public at various public locations. The request was for a single page view that fits on one screen. This was needed because the public places we will place monitors will not give the public the ability to scroll to continuing information. HostGIS gave us this ability. It is now our task to mount the public monitors. This will be very useful as local reminders and for the visiting public to see what is happening in our community during the week.

One of the most important features provided is our FTP service that allows radio producers living across the country to upload their audio material as working projects or as final editions. We have received such material from producers working in Scotland, in upstate New York and various places in California.

While we have not used this option yet, we can add a separate website service to our Homepage that will give other entities websites services that they can update as needed. We almost had a local client take advantage of this option, but they found themselves far too busy to take the time to ponder their content design. We will continue to remind them of this option.

I would not hesitate to recommend HostGIS services
to any entity thinking about developing
or upgrading their own website.
- Joseph Orozco, Station Manager KIDE-FM