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Two CDs

Note that HostGIS Linux is distributed as two CDs: the Basic Server CD and the Desktop Addon CD

The Basic Server CD will install a server and serve maps via the web. If you want a desktop GUI and desktop GIS software, you will also want the Desktop Addon CD. After you install the Basic Server CD to get your OS running, insert and mount this Desktop Addon CD and run its installer.

Map of past downloads

The map and download statistics were started on January 7, 2007; that's one week after 4.0 was released and 18 months after the 3.0 release and our first publicity at OSGeo '05. As such, a lot of our long-time users won't be in the count.

The map only shows IP addresses which could be geolocated, which is about 1/5 of downloads in the USA and far less outside of the USA. Geocoding service by MaxMind