GIS Server Hosting, Welcome to HostGIS

HostGIS is the established leader in providing fully managed servers for open source geospatial applications. We provide high speed GIS servers, world-class multiple Tier 1 network connections, and professional systems administration. Services include daily security monitoring and hardening, daily backups, and regular off-site backups of the backups we already include in our monthly lease options. We are also available to provide geographic information system programming and consulting on a full project or as-needed basis. We have developed GIS systems in a wide range of industries including transportation, social services, fishing and oceanographic data, harbor management, agriculture, forestry, engineering, oil and mineral exploration, real estate, water quality monitoring, and many others.

More Software / Development Options

Beyond the servers and sysadmin and web-based maps, we're general purpose problem solvers.

Aside from keeping your server safe and running smoothly, we can support the software inside it. We have attempted to provide as comprehensive a list as possible, if you don't see something listed here that you are interested in, please feel free to contact us and ask if we might be able to support it! Having as many options as possible is what helps us help you. When we can offer multiple types of software to our clients, it means that you can offer it to yours, and can tailor your products to the needs of your customers.